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If you are reading this you may have experienced a loss, perhaps associated with the death of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, or any loss that has left you feeling unable to cope.

We experience bereavement when a significant person in our lives dies.

other than bereavement also occur in our lives presenting each of us with their own unique challenges.

Trauma results from a severely distressing event or experience that overwhelms our normal capacity to cope and function.

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Myths about Grief

Grief is an illness to be medicated.

No - grief is not an illness. It is a normal process that we all go through when we suffer a loss. Medication, alcohol or drugs do not alleviate our pain on a long term basis and can often create other problems. Prescribed medication can sometimes be helpful in association with counselling.

There is a “right  way” to grieve.

Not true – grief is unique and personal, and we all grieve differently. Grief does not go through prescribed stages. Some people describe their experience like being in a storm or a fog, where others feel emptiness or bodily pain.