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Enna Szmulewicz and Goldie Zyskind are qualified counsellors and psychotherapists with specialized accredited training in bereavement counselling and trauma. We work in a sensitive and confidential way with those experiencing personal and emotional difficulties.

We have experience in many areas including: disability, mental illness, suicide bereavement, child abuse, domestic violence, trauma, drug and alcohol addictions, fertility and post natal issues.

point10px 1  We work with individuals, couples and families.
point10px 1  Hospital and home visits may be arranged.
point10px 1  Medicare Health Rebates may apply.
point10px 1  Work Cover accredited. 

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Enna Szmulewicz
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Counselling Centre for
Loss, Grief & Trauma
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Myths about Grief

Grief is a linear process.

No - grief is unpredictable as we move between our grief and everyday living. Initially more time is spent grieving but gradually along the way we become more life focused.  There will always be reminders and occasions when our grief returns, but with time the intensity of our grief lessens as does the time spent grieving.

You need to dispose of  the person’s belongings as soon as possible

Untrue – you will undertake this difficult task of sorting through the possessions when the time is right for you.